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St Ali coffee at Rupert and Ruby!

R&R1 R&R2 R&R3

R&R5 R&R4

The coffee at this recently opened pop-up project, does justice to the beans from South Melbourne’s legendary roaster, St. Ali. An industry leader that evolved the speciality coffee culture in Melbourne. Rupert & Ruby not only serves American BBQ but are also keen on pleasing customers with their well selected beans. Their barista, Tae, is extremely focused on every cup he delivers, and he sure makes a nice elegant cup of coffee. It’s

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A Glamorous Spanish King!

El glam
A funky drop with a touch of glamour! This is a smooth 100% Garnacha (Grenache) from the vast land Castilla y Leon, Spain. Only 600 bottles were produced in 2013, so be quick to grab one while it lasts. The grapes came from the Peñafiel high country of Ribera del Duero and Sierra del Gredos west of Madrid. It’s unwooded without wild yeast fermentation and filtration. It’s very light but full bodied with striking strawberry aromas. Continue reading

You’ll feel like ‘king of cool’ at cafe Trophy!

IMG_3523.JPG IMG_3520.JPG IMG_3515.JPG

Another coffee stop has opened on Reservoir Street, Surry Hills. Its seamlessly run by co-owner Vedrana Grozdanic (Vee). The cafe is fairly close to a local favourite but it has its own unique style, serving delicious Will & Co coffee from a legendary espresso machine, Faema E61, a true coffee icon, first launched in 1961. The small space has been smartly fitted with cabinets where you’ll find vintage bike gear, antique cameras, roller skates and trophies. Their tables and benches are covered with prints of epic movie stars like king of cool, Steve McQueen!  After sipping a couple of their coffees this place will Continue reading

From Cordoba to Cadiz, Spain – Salmorejo and Salpicon!

Salmorejo 6 Salmorejo4

Salpicon2 Salpicon 6

Salmorejo is a typical dish from Cordoba, Spain. I first tried it when I visited Cordoba, almost 3 years ago now. Outside the sacred  site, Mezquita de Cordoba, is Casa Santos were they are famous for their big Spanish omelettes (tortilla).  I was truly there for the omelette, and the gods were on my side as fortunately my gigantic slice of tortilla came with a side dish called Salmorejo. I was grateful to have tried this honest generous dish. Created during hard times when produce was scarce. So don’t waste that slightly stale bread,

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Give me 15 minutes, I give you Tagliatelle with lemon and walnuts!

IMG_3577 IMG_3584

You may have seen this simple recipe elsewhere but I gave it a go without the sage. I don’t think it needs it as I wanted the flavours of  lemon and roasted walnuts to clearly come through. They sure do, the lemon and walnuts almost make a song and dance in your mouth, as if they were the only ones in the recipe. The tagliatelle is a great choice of pasta, it’s ideal for  binding simple sauces.  I normally choose Artigiano Pastaio Giuseppe Cocco’s Tagliatelle All Uovo, what a mouthful! Made with durum
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Back in Spain at Movida!


My two favourite dishes at Movida Sydney are galician octopus and beef stofado in a white wine sauce! Please please Frank keep them on your menu. I could have them over and over again and feel like I am right back in Spain, Hola! They are true to their origin and the extra mile on the octopus is fun and I think technically savvy. Compared to the traditional recipe from Galicia, Movida sifts the potatoes to a fine delicate purée ,crisps up the octopus on the grill for texture and smokiness. Match this dish with a glass of white wine from Rias Baixas, Galicia, you’ll be feeling and singing just like a Gallego! Continue reading

A festive day calls for Tai-Meshi (Japanese Sea Bream Rice)!

Tai-meshi8  Tai-mes2

tai-mes3   tai-mes4

tai-mes5 tai-mes6 tai-mes7

Many countries have an iconic rice dish that often heap up a nation’s prized ingredients. Like Spain’s Paella, Turkey’s Pilav, South Korea’s Bibimbap, India’s Pilau, Japan has Tai-Meshi – Sea Bream Rice! I was inspired by this special rice dish at a friend’s birthday celebration. Tai-Meshi is served on festive occasions and becomes the centre piece at any table for all to admire and share. All my senses Continue reading

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