My beloved paella!

Paella is one of my favourite dishes to make for family and friends. 
Preparing this dish is a labour of love for Spanish Cuisine and its rich culture.
 Its communal spirit brings people together, and a good paella captivates people’s taste buds with its ingredients and character. A paella must be made by using quality olive oil, spanish rice, stock, salt, pimenton (Spanish Paprika) and ultimately saffron. Avoid using any other type of rice as in most good grocers you will now find Spanish rice. The main varieties of rice used for paella in Spain are bomba, bahia and thaibonnet, all short-grained varieties. Its worth noting that Calasparra rice, widely available is not a variety, but instead a protected designation of origin. Finally a paella will show off its character through its final layer of rice that must form what the Spanish call ‘socarret’. This layer of rice must stick to the pan and should be crunchy, burnt but not bitter. This part is really the most technical part of making paella which i hope to tell you more about in future posts!

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