Da Mario Pizza – Una Margherita ‘extra’ please!


For me a pizzeria can only be noted if it makes a great ‘Margherita extra’ and Da Mario at Rosebery does not disappoint. A Margherita extra comes with buffalo mozzarella instead and is one of the three officially recognised Napoletane pizzas followed by Marinara (which only has garlic and oregano btw) and the original Margherita which comes with normal mozzarella. DaMario’s Margherita Extra is well balanced with fresh sweet tomato and white (very white) milky oozy buffalo mozzarella. The base is so good, made from risen dough and cooked in a wood fire oven.The crust delivers the flavour of well prepared, baked bread but soft inside and easy to fold, as a Napoletane should be!

Da Mario
36 Morely Avenue, Rosebery (Cnr Dunning Avenue)
(02) 9669 2242

Tues-Sun noon-3pm
Dinner hours to follow.


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