The Local Harvest Collective keeping it seasonal for all!

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So much goodness in one bag! The Local Harvest Collective is such a great concept as it encourages us to buy what’s in season. They source beautiful organic produce from local farmers. This makes so much sense as the produce tastes like it should. So much better than what we are often driven to buy at supermarkets. This innovative concept also brings out the creative cook in us all, yes you’ll find it somewhere. They have great bag choices to suit your needs, even a family size bag. I normally order the Staples Bag which suits me just fine. It comes with lovely bread from Brickfields, a dozen eggs from the Hawkesbury, herbs and some veggies. This week I am lucky as it came with my favourite vegetable, tuscan kale. I am already digging out recipes for this versatile earthy vegetable. Every week the bag of goodies surprises you with some new vegetable or fruit, and yes you’ll start pulling out those cook books but ultimately we are all learning more about food. A win for all!

Information on their weekly produce can be found at



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