You’ll feel like ‘king of cool’ at cafe Trophy!

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Another coffee stop has opened on Reservoir Street, Surry Hills. Its seamlessly run by co-owner Vedrana Grozdanic (Vee). The cafe is fairly close to a local favourite but it has its own unique style, serving delicious Will & Co coffee from a legendary espresso machine, Faema E61, a true coffee icon, first launched in 1961. The small space has been smartly fitted with cabinets where you’ll find vintage bike gear, antique cameras, roller skates and trophies. Their tables and benches are covered with prints of epic movie stars like king of cool, Steve McQueen!  After sipping a couple of their coffees this place will have you feeling like Mr Cool. As their focus is on coffee they have a no fuss menu with a good selection of jaffels. Try a Castro Jaffel that’s packed with flavour, it comes with beans, pulled pork, cheese and sweet mayonnaise. When your time is up and work is calling this place will surely have you humming back to your daily routine wishing you ordered another coffee!


Shop 1 /50 Reservoir St

Surry Hills, NSW 2010

(02) 9212 5893


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