St Ali coffee at Rupert and Ruby!

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The coffee at this recently opened pop-up project, does justice to the beans from South Melbourne’s legendary roaster, St. Ali. An industry leader that evolved the speciality coffee culture in Melbourne. Rupert & Ruby not only serves American BBQ but are also keen on pleasing customers with their well selected beans. Their barista, Tae, is extremely focused on every cup he delivers, and he sure makes a nice elegant cup of coffee. It’s

also a cool place to relax while listening to their well selected chilled tunes.  It’s Sunday afternoon and I am hesitantly bopping to nice reggae beats as I drink my latte, admire the cloud-painted walls, snoopy the dog, a gigantic dough hook and the flat beater that’s being turned into a hanging light. I was so tempted to stick around and order some BBQ with a nice cold beer but I was on a mission to get my groceries.  On this occasion my coffee was just a teaser on what this project is about, serving great food and coffee in a comfortable space. Rupert & Ruby is sure to satisfy coffee lovers and will definitely tempt you to stick around for more!

Rupert and Ruby – Icon Park Pop-up

78 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst


Mon 7am – 3pm

Tue to Fri 7am – Midnight

Sat 8am – Midnight

Sun 8am – 5pm

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