Emma is back with Lebanese Street Food!

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A local favourite has returned as a casual snack bar offering delicious Lebanese street food. Emma’s Snack Bar is an ideal spot for catching up with friends, as all their dishes are made for sharing. We made it to the restaurant just before sunset and grabbed  a table by the opened windows where we could enjoy the gentle breeze and mellowing sunset.  It’s not far from Enmore Road, sits between local terraces and you can almost smell the grilled meats as you arrive. Make sure to bring along a soft full bodied bottle of red which is a great match for their menu. We chose a Grenache, Espelt ‘Saulo’ Garnacha Carignan from Emporda, a wine region in

Catalonia, Spain. We begin our time with friends by ordering Hummus with pumpkin and walnuts, the sweetness from the pumpkin takes this humble dish to another level. We all rush to grab slices of the fresh soft lebanese bread and go straight for the hummus, the look on everyone’s face expressed comfort and happiness. The tabbouleh quickly follows. The parsley, tomatoes, spring onions and bulger are well dressed with lemon and it’s all so fresh. The Halloumi drops in, it’s crispy on the outside but still soft inside, it tasted even better after squeezing lemon on it. As we turn to look for our other orders, the Cauliflower and Lamb Kofta make a quick entrance. The slightly fried cauliflower is simple but so delightful and delicious. This dish was my favourite of the night, it brought back childhood memories of a similar dish my mother made for us on weekends. When food does that, you pause and savour the moment. The lamb which won over a rock-paper-scissors game is soft, juicy and nicely charred. We all plonk pieces of the lamb on the soft bread and shower it with plenty of tabbouleh, fold the bread and suddenly there was no more noise around the table, as if someone had stopped time! The smoky Baba Ghanoush gave us all another reason to order more bread and food. We carried on with a Kale and Onion Salad and grilled Chicken Fillets, both were good endings to a banquet where the food was delicious, inspiring and memorable!

Emma’s Snack Bar
59 Liberty Street, Enmore
(02) 9550 3458

Tue to Sat 6pm–10pm











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