A local favourite near you, just like West Juliett!

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Cafes are finding ideal spaces in Sydney’s outer suburbs and turning them into local favourites with a buzz! I don’t often venture outside Surry Hills, but when I do, I convince myself it’s for a good reason. On this occasion it sure was! West Juliett a local favourite in Marrickville has become a hit for Sydney’s breakfast scene. This cafe serves up a tasty rustic fare, which draws the crowds. As soon as we manage to secure a table outside, we order the 12-hour Roasted Pork Salad and a Juliett Salad of avocado, seasonal vegetables, nuts, seeds and chicken. With so many people around the order surprisingly didn’t take long to arrive. For me the pork was a bit dry for half a day’s cooking. But the generous piece of crackling was spot on. The chicken salad was delicious, its seasonal vegetables were delightfully crunchy. As usual we finished our meal with coffees made with beans from the Shire’s White Horse Coffee. We slowly sipped our coffees while watching the continuous flow of planes making their descent into Sydney, how lucky are they!

West Juliett

30 Llewellyn Street Marrickville

(02) 9519 0101


Mon to Sat 7:00 am – 4:00 pm


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