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Seniman roasting great coffee in Ubud, Bali!

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After a stroll in central Ubud you can chill with a delicious brewed coffee while sitting in a nicely decked verandah watching the flow of traffic or just ponder on your next destination. Seniman Coffee Studio owners David Sullivan and Rodney Glick  have designed a modern and contemporary space devoted to delivering speciality organic coffee with an experience that will leave you wanting to rush back the next day. Their well selected beans are roasted across the main cafe where you can also enjoy one of their special brews. Continue reading


Delicious Odd Bits at 4fourteen!

IMG_9363  IMG_9335

I have been thinking for a while to try the Odd Bit’s Menu at 4fourteen. Today was the day and the rain in Sydney convinced me to make the dash. If I’m going to be indoors, best to do it over an interesting delicious lunch. When cooked well, I love offal or bits that often don’t  make it to our plate. It’s raining outside but the humidity in Sydney is killing me, so to lighten up the fare, 4fourteen smartly starts the course on the light side Continue reading

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