Delicious Odd Bits at 4fourteen!

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I have been thinking for a while to try the Odd Bit’s Menu at 4fourteen. Today was the day and the rain in Sydney convinced me to make the dash. If I’m going to be indoors, best to do it over an interesting delicious lunch. When cooked well, I love offal or bits that often don’t  make it to our plate. It’s raining outside but the humidity in Sydney is killing me, so to lighten up the fare, 4fourteen smartly starts the course on the light side with a Citrus Cured Kingfish, Cucumber granita and Gin jelly. Wow… a great way to cool the mind, the kingfish is taken to another level with the granita and jelly, so cool and delicious!

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The cool teaser is followed by Fass’ Chicken Bread Parfait and Apple Chutney. The sweet apple chutney over the parfait balances this dish so well. The crusty bread is well charred too, making it a perfect bite that you are quickly left wanting more. Well forget that, as soon as we know it the Chargrilled Ox Tongue, Chimichurri and Raw Sprout Slaw arrives. For me the tongue was a bit too charred but inside still soft and tender. After smothering it with chimichurrii and slaw, all is good and delicious again.

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At the back of our minds we knew the anticipated dish would finally make it to our table. Yes the Pièce de Résistance makes quite and entrance and what a sizeable bone it is! The Roast Bone Marrow over Flat Bread with Spice Mayo is a sight of joy and the oozy, creamy marrow goes so well on the crispy bread and mayo. Nice one! Thinking it was all over, we are awaken by a generous Liquorice Beef Brisket served with pickled Vegetables and although it does not need it, fried bread. The thick, shiny liquorice sauce is a smooth way to boost a piece of meat that melts in your mouth. The sweet pickled vegetables breaks the lingering rich sauce  in your palate. This is a nice touch!

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We are left thinking how can all this be topped, well it is. A Mango Ice Cream Parfait accompanied by its partner in crime, a White Chocolate Sandwich with Dulce de Leche make it to the table. We are left drooling and wondering where should we start. Plonk goes the spoon over the sandwich, followed with a sensational mouthfeel of sweetness, OMG, OMG…is all we can say. The Mango Parfait sprinkled with roasted crumbed macadamias was a delight too. 

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414 Bourke St. Surry Hills NSW 2010
entrance via: 72c Fitzroy St.
Surry Hills

ph: (02) 9331 5399

Hours: Tue – Sat: Lunch 12noon, Dinner from 6pm Sunday: 12noon – 4pm



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