Seniman roasting great coffee in Ubud, Bali!

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After a stroll in central Ubud you can chill with a delicious brewed coffee while sitting in a nicely decked verandah watching the flow of traffic or just ponder on your next destination. Seniman Coffee Studio owners David Sullivan and Rodney Glick  have designed a modern and contemporary space devoted to delivering speciality organic coffee with an experience that will leave you wanting to rush back the next day. Their well selected beans are roasted across the main cafe where you can also enjoy one of their special brews.

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David’s passion for the place clearly shows and his charisma surely makes a mark at Seniman. He kindly took the time to explain that the single-origin coffee beans sourced by Seniman come from coffee plantations all over Indonesia, including Bali, Sumatra, Java and Papua. Their concept and delivery shows they are focused on providing a unique customer experience for coffee lovers. They have put together a menu so you can choose from dark, medium and light roasts. This is a bonus for those that love pour overs. To help you choose, on a giant black board they display a flow chart that describes flavours and intensity of each roast together with simple tasting notes.


David tells us the name Seniman means artist in Indonesian, and the cafe sure lives up to the name through its self designed interior, innovative furniture and glassware that you can purchase at the cafe. After grabbing a chair right in front of the espresso machine, I was quickly captivated by their  plastic chairs that have been converted into cool rocking chairs.

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Quickly swayed into my comfort zone I eagerly waited for my order of a single origin (from Papua) pour over that arrived in a recycled jar. Water is served with all coffees in glasses made from recycled glass soda bottles.  They also design their own T-shirts and a beautiful Chemex vessel, a piece I truly fell in love with. By the way the Papuan single-origin was bright, punchy, hitting you with flavours of cacao and slightly citrusy. We also ordered a flat white which I am told was creamy and fruity in flavour.

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Next time you are in Ubud make sure to drop by Seniman, a unique place serving single-origin Indonesian coffee beans that are roasted on-site each day. Once you get there just sit back and enjoy the moment!

Seniman Coffee Studio

Jl. Srwedaru No. 5, Ubud-Gianyar, Bali
Open every day: 8am-7pm



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