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Veal Milanese, per favore!

Veal Milanese with a generous serving of Arugula and a good squeeze of lemon is a great combo for summer. This grand Milan recipe transported by Italian immigrants to the Americas is also a favourite all over Latin America. In my mother land, Chile, ‘Milanesa por favor‘ was a common request, especially in my mother’s kitchen. Often after returning from school, she would dash to the kitchen, majestically combine all the ingredients and start frying the gems until golden and crispy.

IMG_5487 IMG_5473

I remember hearing the frying from the living room and watching my brother’s teasing smile as if saying she made it just for me. The aromas that came out of her kitchen made us even hungrier as we eagerly awaited for her glorious announcement, ‘esta listo, a comer – it’s ready, come and eat!’

IMG_5474 IMG_5475

This is a great summer recipe that’s simple, light and can be prepared well in advance. Don’t be afraid to ask your butcher to pound the meat until you can see your fist through the veal. If your butcher is hesitant to do this, then do it yourself, otherwise change your butcher. You can have the milanese cold with a nice crispy salad. As long as you use good quality dry breadcrumbs they will remain crispy. I use my favourite sour dough breadcrumbs from Bourke Street Bakery.

IMG_5486 IMG_5476

The quantity of breadcrumbs should approximately match the weight of your veal. Mix into the crumbs a Continue reading


Spaghetti with clams, squid and courgettes!

It’s Sunday night and what shall I make, well for most of us, this is a common question. A simple pasta with a few good ingredients and a good bottle of wine is great way to end the weekend. Simple pastas just rely on good produce to bring it all together. Plus I think it’s a joyful way to use the last remaining vegetables in your fridge.

IMG_5449 IMG_5450

My lucky last veggies in the fridge were little courgettes, long red chillies and garlic.  As always, I start by thinking of recipes that I can match ingredients with. For me Giovanni Pilu’s recipes have always been an inspiration. On this occasion what comes to mind is his Malloreddus with clams, bottarga and zucchini flowers. I don’t have Malloreddus in my cupboard, unless you are Sardinian not many of us do. The Garofalo spaghetti in the cupboard had to do. I usually stock up  with this brand, it’s accessible and made from durum wheat flour. Great I had everything and I was on a mission!

IMG_5451 IMG_5453

I briskly walked to my local fish monger, severely hoping they had clams. I walk in and see Cloudy Bay Clams staring at me, it was meant to be, right! No bottarga at this joint so I grab two small squids and don’t let Continue reading

Bangladeshi Street Food with a bang!

Surry Hills welcomes another diverse eatery right in the heart of Crown street. If you don’t look hard enough you may miss the sign as its not big but smart and cartoonish with a bang, KA-POW!

IMG_5401 IMG_5410

Bangladeshi Street Food opens its doors this week next to food icons Bills and Hudson Meats, so you really can’t miss it. The space doesn’t give you a sense of street food but it sure opens your mind to  exploring a cuisine packed with exciting flavours and aromas.

IMG_5408 IMG_5433

As you open their glass doors and make your way up the polished concrete stairs you immediately get a good vibe. They play a good selection of groovy tunes that put you in the right mood Continue reading

A Japanese Scandinavian inspired cafe!

I am fortunate this little gem has opened its doors close to home. It brings something different to the area that will expand our food horizons and tantalize taste buds. They are in their element serving top-notch coffee and tea, as Edition Coffee Roasters is run by brothers Daniel Jackson and Corie Sutherland. IMG_5354.JPG

Dan has teased coffee lovers at Clipper, Room 10, Clover and Black Star Pastry. Whereas Corie, a Japan enthusiast, has sourced good japanese green tea and is also inspired by Nordic cuisine, hence the concept. Why not, these contrasting cultures come as one through their smart minimalistic designs, organisation and clean food. Edition Coffee Roasters represents all these characteristics and is a welcomed addition to the area.

IMG_5358.JPG IMG_5355

They are roasting well-selected single origin beans and offer a nice selection of brewing methods like pour overs, aeropress and cold drips. This is also music to my ears as it means an extra devotion to delivering delicious milk based coffees. Think about it, your latte, flat white or cappuccino combined with an espresso shot from beans that are traceable to a single origin, as opposed to a blend where often no bean gets a star gig! Our flat white and latte were impressive with a good hit of flavoursome coffee, clearly brought through by their sin!

IMG_5356 IMG_5357

We arrived hungry and looking forward to a breakfast feast. Upon sighting the menu we were impressed to see a daring menu that moves away from the common avocado toast, boring breakfast boards or baked egg options, etc. Yes here expect the unexpected but rejoice when you see their striking pretty plates with damn good produce. On this occasion we go for the berries with jelly yoghurt, delicious. Followed by the prawn salad on a crispy seedy base, just a bit more seasoning would have had me singing. We top all this with the king salmon, creme fresh and pickles. I will have this dish again for lunch on my next visit, if only they served a nice Riesling or white from the Alsace region to go with it. Ok yes I am dreaming but good food often plays with your senses and has you pondering about the past or good memories. This place is surely a site to admire and ponder about food.

Edition Coffee Roasters

265 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst Sydney, Australia 

The home of Rendang!

IMG_5003  IMG_5008

On our last day in Ubud – Bali, we strayed off the main road into a little side street with small stores, local homes and sleepy dogs. We came accross three roosters held in straw cages hanging from a fence of a local home. Fascinated by them and their fate, our thoughts were quickly put on hold by a barking dog that just really wanted to make some noise or maybe he was telling us to move on. Well lucky for us we moved on as by chance we found Waroeng Bernadette, one of Ubud’s most beloved restaurants owned by the one and only Bernadette Gatenby. She is a well respected local icon, talented, full of life and most of all has an enormous passion for her food. Her infectious smile and cheerful spirit was really what convinced us this was a special place and we were hungry. Continue reading

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