The home of Rendang!

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On our last day in Ubud – Bali, we strayed off the main road into a little side street with small stores, local homes and sleepy dogs. We came accross three roosters held in straw cages hanging from a fence of a local home. Fascinated by them and their fate, our thoughts were quickly put on hold by a barking dog that just really wanted to make some noise or maybe he was telling us to move on. Well lucky for us we moved on as by chance we found Waroeng Bernadette, one of Ubud’s most beloved restaurants owned by the one and only Bernadette Gatenby. She is a well respected local icon, talented, full of life and most of all has an enormous passion for her food. Her infectious smile and cheerful spirit was really what convinced us this was a special place and we were hungry.


Bernadette being a perfect host, invited us to sit with her as we drank some cold Bintang beers which were a perfect starter for a cool down. We quickly learned the star of her menu was Rendang which she makes every day and cooks for about eight hours. She also makes a vegetarian Rendang by adding jackfruit instead of beef and cooked for five hours. Being curious we chose the jackfruit rendang, Bernaddette made it sound so interesting by telling us it actually looks like beef. Often her vegetarian customers don’t believe it’s not beef. Well that’s how good it is, it looks like beef but it’s not beef and the texture is so much like beef.

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Bernadette’s rendang is packed with flavour, you can taste the fresh galangal, turmeric, tamarind and ginger. It has all the virtues I love of a a slow-cooked stew; comforting, full of flavour and deeply aromatic. It’s served with rice, sambal, emping crackers made from the slightly bitter belinjo nut and her own Gulai Daun Singkongcasava leave in a coconut stew which is truly a delicious side dish to accompany the rice and also helps to sooth the delicious spicy rendang. You will also find some other local favourites like Perkedel – Indonesian corn or potato fritters, Tempe and Tahu – made of soybeans and Asinan Buah, a popular street food made with assorted fruits, vinegar, salt, sugar and chillies. The restaurant is also a great place in Ubud to unwind. It’s spacious, well designed with a local rustic feel to it and interesting artworks that are sure to catch your eye. I was lucky enough to find Waroeng Bernadette, a place many locals consider to be the ‘Home of Rendang’ and even more lucky to meet Bernadette, a true food hero!

Waroeng Bernadette

Jl. Gautama, Banjar Padang TegalUbud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
+62 821 4742 4779

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