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Freshly roasted goodness in St. Peters by Sample Coffee

All is quiet and mellow in Surry Hills on a Sunday morning. You surely sense the slow mood as you walk around the area. With the easy flow of traffic, it is also a perfect day to explore other parts of Sydney. On this occasion I made a quick dash to Sample Coffee Pro Shop in St. Peters, a suburb of the Marrickville local council area, located six kilometres south west of Sydney. Continue reading


French beans, broccoli and edamame salad


This recipe is sure to surprise and will have you looking at your greens in a different way. All day I been wanting to pull together something with the broccoli and french beans I received in my Locals Market bag. So I grabbed Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi, the king of vegetable recipes.  I quickly turned pages to find the perfect recipe, broccoli and edamame salad with grated coconut . It looks so green, that just staring at it makes you feel healthier. The recipe calls for grated coconut but I wasn’t too keen on finding a coconut tree. Recipes are there to inspire, so you are allowed to make it your own. Continue reading

Jim’s Butchery, cares about you and your meat!

My butcher is a true local food hero. I am thankful to have Jim’s Butchery close by as I can avoid supermarket chains. Instead I can pick and choose great produce and learn about its origin. Often on Saturdays I drop by my butcher  without a clue  on what to roast, slow cook or sear on the weekend. As soon as I pop in, I am inspired by their friendly welcome and encouraged by the display of fine produce. Continue reading

On Good Friday pop into Reuben Hills

It’s Good Friday, almost everyone has escaped the city of Sydney and the streets of Surry Hills are eery and quiet. Where are the locals who have chosen to stay back and claim this suburb as their own. Well it appears everyone is trying to squeeze into Reuben Hills on Albion Street. This hipster cafe with a contemporary space and extremely cool staff is buzzing today. The aromas from the open kitchen drag you in and take over your senses.


The menu is inspired by Central American foods, like baleado, tostadas and chillaquiles. The aromas from the kitchen also provide a hint that the spices here are not your common ingredients. Instead you sense someone here did travel to places like Mexico, Panama or even Costa Rica.

Continue reading

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