Jim’s Butchery, cares about you and your meat!

My butcher is a true local food hero. I am thankful to have Jim’s Butchery close by as I can avoid supermarket chains. Instead I can pick and choose great produce and learn about its origin. Often on Saturdays I drop by my butcher  without a clue  on what to roast, slow cook or sear on the weekend. As soon as I pop in, I am inspired by their friendly welcome and encouraged by the display of fine produce. IMG_1984  IMG_1981

Peter Karagiannis took over from his father Jim who established the butchery in 1962. Back then there were a few butchers around the area but now there’s just Jim. Peter has been running the butchery since 1998 and sources great produce, like his pork from farmer Michael Williams in Forbes,  morcilla and chorizos from the mighty Rodriguez Brothers. I have bought a few pork bellies from Jim, the meat has been succulent and full of flavour.

IMG_1996  IMG_1993

Without places like Jim’s Butchery we simply get cornered by the big chains that care little about the consumer. Communities thrive when local food businesses care about what they put on your plate. In turn they encourage better farming conditions which ultimately deliver higher quality products that we all deserve.

IMG_1983  IMG_1997

Peter also proudly displays memorabilia, if you look hard enough you will find a photo of him and Manu Feidel. My favourite is an old photo of Oxford Street taken in the sixties which shows off iconic buildings and trams the area is due to regain.

IMG_1980  IMG_1992

Peter has taken the torch from his father with a continued  passion for delivering quality meats to his customers. Like Peter, his staff are always generous with their knowledge and willing to give you a head start with your weekend recipe.  Peter also avoids grain-fed animals and instead sources quality grass-fed beef. His veal scallops which are perfect for schnitzels are quickly snapped on Saturdays. All credit to Peter’s ability to source fine quality veal, and trust me they were a winner in my recent recipe, Veal Milanese.  Some of his other popular cuts are pork belly, lamb necks, barbecue blade steak, sirloin steak, pork ribs and pickled pork hands. They also source  organic chooks, that you can have cut into pieces for your ideal chicken casserole. I was honoured to take one back for my Pollo en Pepitoria recipe.

Support your local food heroes like Jim’s Butchery as they are the ones driving better quality foods to our tables and maintaining traditions that communities need.

Jim’s Butchery

211 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
02 9331 1768


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