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Ocean trout poached in extra virgin olive oil


When it comes to oil I prefer extra virgin olive oil. Whether it’s for cooking or dressing no other oil will do. I am biased towards Spanish olive oils as I find they have more character and adore their green tinge. At home, it’s always best to have two olive oils. The first one for frying, rubbing your meats and tossing Continue reading


Salty capers and anchovies are a great match for steak


I found this recipe in the Mexican cook book Cantina by Paul Wilson. What caught my eye was the marinade, it included ingredients that I love – capers, anchovies, fresh oregano and garlic. No salt is required in this marinade, the ingredients on their own will tenderise your meat and pack your beef with flavour. The cut of Continue reading

Boeuf Bourguignon, perfect on a cold grey day

It was cold and grey this past Saturday in Sydney, and for most of the day I was indoors watching the rain and calmly going over recipes picked for the night. The day before I left chunks of beef marinating in red wine with a bouquet garni and garlic. By now I guess you know Boeuf Bourguignon was on my menu. Continue reading

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