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A little hidden eatery by Hyuga Port

We were up early in Hyuga, there was a light drizzle, it was the rainy season, so a drizzle was not going to hold us back from getting to the Sea-Cross, a beautiful natural landscape. After two quick cups of coffee at the hotel we were ready to hit the road. We stayed at Hotel Melissa Hyuga which was right in front of Hyuga station. For a small port city, the station must be one of the more beautiful ones in Japan. We were told it was designed by a famous Tokyo University professor who designed the structure to have a light and transparent atmosphere, and to become a symbol of Hyuga. Continue reading


Rabbit stewed in riesling with prunes and pine nuts

Rabbit is considered a quality meat in Spain and it’s eaten often. When cooked well, rabbit meat is delicate and succulent.  At markets in Spain you will often find wild rabbit, it has a stronger flavour than farmed rabbit. I do prefer wild rabbit for its gaminess, but for this recipe I used farmed free range rabbit from the New South Wales Southern Highlands. I ordered one last week from Hudson Meats and when I picked it up I was in awe of the quality of the meat. I instantly got a sense that with quality ingredients your dish is bound to be a hit. Continue reading

Ask the locals in Miyazaki for Yakitori and they’ll take you to Toraya

We wondered the streets of Miyazaki city before meeting a local friend at an izakaya bar.  The rain didn’t deter anyone from being out, salarymen were slowly gathering finding their drinking spots, shops were up in colourful lights and the reflection from the wet concrete lit the whole street, as if announcing the beginning of a very long night. Continue reading

Locals cheerfully gather for delicious gyoza and more in Kurume, Japan

We were so excited to be back in Kurume, Japan and eager to head back to a local izakaya called Hitokuchi Gyoza Tenya. This place is normally packed with locals cheerfully drinking and devouring the speciality of the house, gyozas.  No frozen gyoza served here, everyday they make around seven hundred gyozas. They are smaller than the average size with a well seasoned filling of pork and cabbage wrapped with a thin layer of pastry that’s gently browned and left to crisp at the bottom. Continue reading

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