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Continental Deli, brings the essence of an iconic neighbourhood bar

A new eatery has opened in Sydney, located in Australia Street, Newtown, not far from Black Star Pastry and Oscillate Wildly. This place is packed with charm and character, it’s bound to maintain the essence of an iconic neighbourhood bar. Continental Deli Bar is a place where you can pop in any time of the day, sit by the bar and slowly ponder over the menu. It was opened by Porteño and Bodega’s Elvis Abrahanowicz and Joe Valore. Continue reading


Chilean Corn Pie

Just over a week ago on 18 September we celebrated Chile’s National Independence Day. An occasion I look forward to each year as there is no better reason to make some of Chile’s favourite recipes. Chileans proclaim it as ‘el dieciocho’ (the eighteenth), it is celebrated over a week with fiestas patrias (national festivals) across the country. This includes parades, drinking, eating traditional Chilean food, folkloric music and plenty of dancing, like the cueca, a traditional dance created by the huasos (Chilean cowboys).

Continue reading

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