Right at home at Gnome!

It’s a nice feeling being back at your local, especially after returning from holidays. Familiar surroundings announce your return and instantly give you that homely feeling again.

Over the past seven years I have been a regular at Gnome, where the quality of food and coffee has always been excellent. On a Sunday you can even close the weekend with a celebratory Bloody Mary, or simply as a recovery potion to sooth that hangover. They also serve wine, beer and on a rainy day like today, whisky is a good option. You can sit back, enjoy the beverage of choice while listening to some old R&B tunes that are bound to boost your mood.


Gnome Espresso Wine Bar

Their menu caters for all, always serving fresh produce that’s turned into super tasty meals. On this occasion we go for their healthy choices, one Gnome Super Salad, it comes with a generous roasted wedge of pumpkin that’s well hidden in a mountain of kale, buttery lettuce, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, topped with sweet pomegranate kernels. Our second choice was an Asparagus Gravlax Salad, it has  romaine lettuce, gravlax, shaved parmesan and a perfectly poached egg.


Gnome Espresso Wine Bar

Gnome Espresso Wine Bar

536 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Hrs: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
Ph: 02 9332 3191







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