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Linguine alla aragosta (lobster)!

Who doesn’t love pasta and lobster, when you put them together you get something really special. This is a simple recipe, but time must be taken to prepare the ingredients. The tomalley and roe from the lobster’s head are the real star of the dish, so carefully save it all. The red stuff is the roe and the green part is the tomalley, any black stuff should be discarded. These wonderful ingredients will enrich the flavour of lobster in the pasta.For this pasta, best to use linguine, as its gathers the sauce better. Also make sure to share this special dish with close friends or family, and serve it with a nice white wine. Continue reading


Catalunyan fideuà, named the daughter of the sea

In Catalunya, the north eastern part of Spain, there is a traditional dish called fideuà, made with short lengths of dry thin pasta called fideus. Instead of boiling the noodles, the noodles are first browned in olive oil, then simmered in a rich fish and vegetable stock. The Catalan way is to cook them with only a small amount of liquid in a wide cazuela or paella pan. Continue reading

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