The 250 year old egg dish in Nihombashi Tokyo

For over 250 years, this restaurant in Nihombashi Tokyo has had people lining for hours to get a taste of chef Yamada Kosuke’s egg dish – oyako-don. First, he simmers the chicken in a sweet soy sauce broth, and then a well-beaten egg is poured over the chicken leaving it until it becomes custardy; finally, its quickly served in a bowl over rice. They have an aromatic dark ale beer on the wine menu that goes so well with the dish.


It is said the restaurant invented this dish when royalty dined at Tamahide. Now, anyone can taste the legendary oyako-don, and the heart of the place hasn’t changed.


The family that opened it still runs it, now the eighth-generation owner, Kosuke-san, has been perfecting the signature dish since he was a little boy. He knew the restaurant, and its legacy, would one day be his to carry on.

We planned our visit to this legendary place almost six months ago. So we knew that we had to time our travels to Nihombashi well as people start queuing from 10.30 am for lunch. The doors open at 1 pm and during your patient waiting you are often reminded by the staff to form one straight line, and tightly against the wall so as not to disturb the passing pedestrians.

Finally, the doors open; we are greeted by a host who points to our shoes, off they come, taken away to an impressively crafted shoe wardrobe; after the long wait, they also deserved the glory. We are guided to a lady in a beautiful kimono who looked after the cash register, and where the menu was displayed; it listed four oyako-don choices and ranging from Y 1,500 to Y 2,200. We quickly choose and pay, with contained excitement, we steadily followed our host to our table to be seated in front of two tourists from California. They were as eager as us to see the sight of the dish; once the oyako-don arrived silence hit the air, clearly not much else had to be said as there was so much to enjoy.

103-0013 Tokyo, Chuo, Nihonbashiningyocho, 1 Chome−17−10
phone: 03-3668-7651
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