I am Freddy Ortega, freddyO. Although I think my first name rhymes well with my surname. It is my last name which truly celebrates my roots.

Born in Chile and migrated to Australia in 1978 where I have since been lucky to experience so many food cultures. My father is Chilean but like many South Americans their blood links them to Spain. My father’s descendants are from Navarra, located in the foothills of the Basque region and coincidently the birthplace of the Spanish Tortilla (omellete) wuhuu… one of my favourite dishes and proud to be in some form linked to it. This connection is also one of the reasons I first visited Spain, and my love for Spanish cuisine has taken me back many times.

I am also a home cook with a passion for good produce, wine and coffee. Sharing a home cooked feast with friends and family is a labour of love. Drinking coffee with friends or on my own planning my next food adventure is pure heaven…bring me another latte please!

Now I hope that through this blog I can share my own food adventures and inspire you to take the leap to try my food experiences.

My love for traveling also inspired me to source fine food products from artisanal family owned food and beverage companies that share my values. So btw if you are a wholesaler or business interested in fine food products please don’t hesitate to visit my online store at:


Thanks for stopping by, please enjoy whatever you are eating right now!



  1. hi ro says:

    Hello.We met the snack bar.
    When you had wild pig .I had a seat next.
    Do you remember ? I introduced your blog to my friends.your blog have a good name. Maybe my writing has many mistakes. Sorry 😅 Please say to hello your partner 😊


    • freddyoblog says:

      Hello, yes I remember. Nice day with nice people and that pig was delicious. Thank you for your kind words and thanks for sharing with your friends. I hope u like my future blogs. Please stay in touch.


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