Right at home at Gnome!

It’s a nice feeling being back at your local, especially after returning from holidays. Familiar surroundings announce your return and instantly give you that homely feeling again. Continue reading


Smooth jazz and coffee in Kurume, Japan

When travelling through any city in Japan I always look for a kissaten, a traditional Japanese cafe. I find they are ideal places to unwind, relax and  ponder about your travels ahead. At kissatens you are bound to meet locals from whom you can learn about the city you are in.  Regular customers often walk in and gather to discuss the daily news and events of the day. Continue reading

Freshly roasted goodness in St. Peters by Sample Coffee

All is quiet and mellow in Surry Hills on a Sunday morning. You surely sense the slow mood as you walk around the area. With the easy flow of traffic, it is also a perfect day to explore other parts of Sydney. On this occasion I made a quick dash to Sample Coffee Pro Shop in St. Peters, a suburb of the Marrickville local council area, located six kilometres south west of Sydney. Continue reading

On Good Friday pop into Reuben Hills

It’s Good Friday, almost everyone has escaped the city of Sydney and the streets of Surry Hills are eery and quiet. Where are the locals who have chosen to stay back and claim this suburb as their own. Well it appears everyone is trying to squeeze into Reuben Hills on Albion Street. This hipster cafe with a contemporary space and extremely cool staff is buzzing today. The aromas from the open kitchen drag you in and take over your senses.


The menu is inspired by Central American foods, like baleado, tostadas and chillaquiles. The aromas from the kitchen also provide a hint that the spices here are not your common ingredients. Instead you sense someone here did travel to places like Mexico, Panama or even Costa Rica.

Continue reading

A Japanese Scandinavian inspired cafe!

I am fortunate this little gem has opened its doors close to home. It brings something different to the area that will expand our food horizons and tantalize taste buds. They are in their element serving top-notch coffee and tea, as Edition Coffee Roasters is run by brothers Daniel Jackson and Corie Sutherland. IMG_5354.JPG

Dan has teased coffee lovers at Clipper, Room 10, Clover and Black Star Pastry. Whereas Corie, a Japan enthusiast, has sourced good japanese green tea and is also inspired by Nordic cuisine, hence the concept. Why not, these contrasting cultures come as one through their smart minimalistic designs, organisation and clean food. Edition Coffee Roasters represents all these characteristics and is a welcomed addition to the area.

IMG_5358.JPG IMG_5355

They are roasting well-selected single origin beans and offer a nice selection of brewing methods like pour overs, aeropress and cold drips. This is also music to my ears as it means an extra devotion to delivering delicious milk based coffees. Think about it, your latte, flat white or cappuccino combined with an espresso shot from beans that are traceable to a single origin, as opposed to a blend where often no bean gets a star gig! Our flat white and latte were impressive with a good hit of flavoursome coffee, clearly brought through by their sin!

IMG_5356 IMG_5357

We arrived hungry and looking forward to a breakfast feast. Upon sighting the menu we were impressed to see a daring menu that moves away from the common avocado toast, boring breakfast boards or baked egg options, etc. Yes here expect the unexpected but rejoice when you see their striking pretty plates with damn good produce. On this occasion we go for the berries with jelly yoghurt, delicious. Followed by the prawn salad on a crispy seedy base, just a bit more seasoning would have had me singing. We top all this with the king salmon, creme fresh and pickles. I will have this dish again for lunch on my next visit, if only they served a nice Riesling or white from the Alsace region to go with it. Ok yes I am dreaming but good food often plays with your senses and has you pondering about the past or good memories. This place is surely a site to admire and ponder about food.

Edition Coffee Roasters

265 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst Sydney, Australia 

Seniman roasting great coffee in Ubud, Bali!

IMG_4575.JPG IMG_5046

After a stroll in central Ubud you can chill with a delicious brewed coffee while sitting in a nicely decked verandah watching the flow of traffic or just ponder on your next destination. Seniman Coffee Studio owners David Sullivan and Rodney Glick  have designed a modern and contemporary space devoted to delivering speciality organic coffee with an experience that will leave you wanting to rush back the next day. Their well selected beans are roasted across the main cafe where you can also enjoy one of their special brews. Continue reading

A local favourite near you, just like West Juliett!

IMG_3558 IMG_3538.JPG IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3545

Cafes are finding ideal spaces in Sydney’s outer suburbs and turning them into local favourites with a buzz! I don’t often venture outside Surry Hills, but when I do, I convince myself it’s for a good reason. On this occasion it sure was! West Juliett a local favourite in Marrickville has become a hit for Sydney’s breakfast scene. This cafe serves up a tasty rustic fare, which draws the crowds. As soon as we manage to secure a table outside, we order the 12-hour Roasted Pork Salad and a Juliett Salad of Continue reading

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