An Italian inspired Chilean recipe


It is estimated that 150,000 Chileans are of full or partial Italian ancestry. These families settled primarily in the south of Chile, in the towns of Capitán Pastene, Angol, Lumaco, Temuco, Valparaiso, Concepción, Chillán, Valdivia, and Osorno. Like all immigrant Continue reading


A Chilean favourite, pastelera con pato 

If I had to pick one recipe I cooked last year that stood out for me; I have to choose pastelera con pato, a simple corn mash with duck. This Chilean recipe brings back childhood memories, especially the corn mash which we often devoured in summer when corn was in abundance. We would gather for lunch in my grandparent’s backyard Continue reading

Call it ‘arroz con pulpo’ or octopus rice!


It has been almost a year since I last posted a food experience on freddyO. Over the past few months, I have continued to explore Spain, especially the Basque country through my cooking. For me, the amazing aspect of food is that you can explore the world from the comfort of your kitchen. But for now, I have settled in the beautiful Basque country, where I am discovering the foods of Pamplona, Navarra, Donostia and towns like Hondarribia. Cooking and wine have an origin and provide a door wide open to our globe. Continue reading

As Sardinian pasta with braised lamb

Typically in Sardinia, this rustic dish is prepared for lots of people, so it is ideal for those winter gatherings with friends. You will need a whole lamb shoulder on the bone, and best to start this recipe a day ahead, to give the meat enough time to marinate. Fresh pasta, like pappardelle, is a good match for the thick silky lamb sauce, that will have you asking for more bread to scoop the delicious sauce off your plate. Continue reading

A simple Basque recipe for the week

The Basque people have made remarkable contributions to the world. They were great ship builders, explorers, fishermen and one of the most admired gastronomic societies. They have preserved traditions for centuries, and we are fortunate we can still experience an element of their rich mystique culture through their great recipes. Like this very special Basque dish – merluza con salsa verde y almejas  Continue reading

Linguine alla aragosta (lobster)!

Who doesn’t love pasta and lobster, when you put them together you get something really special. This is a simple recipe, but time must be taken to prepare the ingredients. The tomalley and roe from the lobster’s head are the real star of the dish, so carefully save it all. The red stuff is the roe and the green part is the tomalley, any black stuff should be discarded. These wonderful ingredients will enrich the flavour of lobster in the pasta.For this pasta, best to use linguine, as its gathers the sauce better. Also make sure to share this special dish with close friends or family, and serve it with a nice white wine. Continue reading

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