Food Heroes

The 250 year old egg dish in Nihombashi Tokyo

For over 250 years, this restaurant in Nihombashi Tokyo has had people lining for hours to get a taste of chef Yamada Kosuke’s egg dish – oyako-don. First, he simmers the chicken in a sweet soy sauce broth, and then a well-beaten egg is poured over the chicken leaving Continue reading


Where the Portuguese community gathers and passion transcends

Immigrants have contributed so much to Australia, especially through their foods and traditions. We are a far richer nation with ethnic communities who carry their passion for their country of origin. Their passion transcends to local foods, inspire our taste buds and encourage us to learn about the world. Continue reading

Locals cheerfully gather for delicious gyoza and more in Kurume, Japan

We were so excited to be back in Kurume, Japan and eager to head back to a local izakaya called Hitokuchi Gyoza Tenya. This place is normally packed with locals cheerfully drinking and devouring the speciality of the house, gyozas.  No frozen gyoza served here, everyday they make around seven hundred gyozas. They are smaller than the average size with a well seasoned filling of pork and cabbage wrapped with a thin layer of pastry that’s gently browned and left to crisp at the bottom. Continue reading

Smooth jazz and coffee in Kurume, Japan

When travelling through any city in Japan I always look for a kissaten, a traditional Japanese cafe. I find they are ideal places to unwind, relax and  ponder about your travels ahead. At kissatens you are bound to meet locals from whom you can learn about the city you are in.  Regular customers often walk in and gather to discuss the daily news and events of the day. Continue reading

Jim’s Butchery, cares about you and your meat!

My butcher is a true local food hero. I am thankful to have Jim’s Butchery close by as I can avoid supermarket chains. Instead I can pick and choose great produce and learn about its origin. Often on Saturdays I drop by my butcher  without a clue  on what to roast, slow cook or sear on the weekend. As soon as I pop in, I am inspired by their friendly welcome and encouraged by the display of fine produce. Continue reading

The home of Rendang!

IMG_5003  IMG_5008

On our last day in Ubud – Bali, we strayed off the main road into a little side street with small stores, local homes and sleepy dogs. We came accross three roosters held in straw cages hanging from a fence of a local home. Fascinated by them and their fate, our thoughts were quickly put on hold by a barking dog that just really wanted to make some noise or maybe he was telling us to move on. Well lucky for us we moved on as by chance we found Waroeng Bernadette, one of Ubud’s most beloved restaurants owned by the one and only Bernadette Gatenby. She is a well respected local icon, talented, full of life and most of all has an enormous passion for her food. Her infectious smile and cheerful spirit was really what convinced us this was a special place and we were hungry. Continue reading

Seniman roasting great coffee in Ubud, Bali!

IMG_4575.JPG IMG_5046

After a stroll in central Ubud you can chill with a delicious brewed coffee while sitting in a nicely decked verandah watching the flow of traffic or just ponder on your next destination. Seniman Coffee Studio owners David Sullivan and Rodney Glick  have designed a modern and contemporary space devoted to delivering speciality organic coffee with an experience that will leave you wanting to rush back the next day. Their well selected beans are roasted across the main cafe where you can also enjoy one of their special brews. Continue reading

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