An Izakaya in Fukuoka inspired by the mandarin fruit and natural wines

Warayaki Mikan is in one of the oldest parts of Fukuoka – Haruyoshi. This place is currently the talk of the city, and when you get there, you won’t dispute that. The Haruyoshi area has been renowned for its drinking spirit and traditional Izakayas. Continue reading


The 250 year old egg dish in Nihombashi Tokyo

For over 250 years, this restaurant in Nihombashi Tokyo has had people lining for hours to get a taste of chef Yamada Kosuke’s egg dish – oyako-don. First, he simmers the chicken in a sweet soy sauce broth, and then a well-beaten egg is poured over the chicken leaving Continue reading

Where the Portuguese community gathers and passion transcends

Immigrants have contributed so much to Australia, especially through their foods and traditions. We are a far richer nation with ethnic communities who carry their passion for their country of origin. Their passion transcends to local foods, inspire our taste buds and encourage us to learn about the world. Continue reading

Continental Deli, brings the essence of an iconic neighbourhood bar

A new eatery has opened in Sydney, located in Australia Street, Newtown, not far from Black Star Pastry and Oscillate Wildly. This place is packed with charm and character, it’s bound to maintain the essence of an iconic neighbourhood bar. Continental Deli Bar is a place where you can pop in any time of the day, sit by the bar and slowly ponder over the menu. It was opened by Porteño and Bodega’s Elvis Abrahanowicz and Joe Valore. Continue reading

We should have booked one more night in Kirishima, Japan!

We arrived in Kirishima on a cloudy Tuesday at around 6pm. We had been driving for three hours from Obi and we were eager to get to our hotel. We had made Kirishima our resting point before continuing the next day to Makurazaki. Kirishima is the second largest city in Kagoshima prefecture, it’s a town well known for its hot springs and nature walks. After a power nap we were hungry and ready to explore this small city. We quickly Continue reading

The birthplace of Tonkotsu Ramen!

We were fortunate to be back in Kurume for a couple of nights. Close to the top of our list of food experiences was Kurume’s Tonkotsu ramen. Kurume is the birthplace of Tonkotsu Ramen, it emerged around 1940. Kurume is in Fukuoka Prefecture and its takes about 40 minutes to get there by train from Fukuoka’s Tenjin station . The feature of Kurume ramen is its thick pork broth flavoured with salt and light soy. Continue reading

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